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Farm Bureau Foundation Scholarships

Ag Discipline Scholarship – The Ag Discipline Scholarship is available to college students in agriculture-related degree programs. To be eligible to receive the $1,200 scholarship you must be a junior or senior in college enrolled in an accredited four-year college or university pursuing a field of study related to agriculture.

Baie General Scholarship – This scholarship has been established in memory of Arden and Dorothy Baie. The Arden and Dorothy Baie Scholarship is available to college juniors and seniors pursuing any field of study. Two, $1,200 Baie Scholarships will be awarded to deserving students.

Medical Scholarship – The Medical Scholarship program provides funds for students pursuing medical degrees.  The scholarship is available to students studying to become physicians, veterinarians, optometrists, nurses, dentists or other medical professions.   To be eligible you must currently be in medical school, accepted to a medical school or a four-year nursing program. Two, $2,000 scholarships will be awarded annually.

Morley Science Scholarship – This $1,200 scholarship is for juniors and seniors in college majoring in a field of science. The Science Scholarship was established in memory of Robert Morley.

Senior Scholarship – The Senior Scholarship recognizes students for their academic performance, school activities and leadership experience and community involvement.  The $1,200 scholarship is available to high school seniors pursuing degrees in any field of interest.

These scholarships are offered to DeKalb County Farm Bureau members or their children with certain eligibility requirements.

To apply for currently available scholarships click here.