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Exploring STEM Careers

5th Grade: Ag in the Classroom (AITC) Presentation

Students will explore more than two dozen careers in areas such as science, engineering, marketing, and transportation. Each student will reflect on his or her own interests, skills, and preferences as they relate to various careers.

The “Exploring STEM Careers” presentation is delivered by agribusiness volunteers in November and December. Find out more.

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Supplemental Resources


  • Meeting the Standards – how the Exploring STEM Careers presentation meets Common Core State Standards

 Related Lessons & Activities online

  • Picture this Agricultural Career – Students will conduct research to gain an understanding of the various agricultural careers and play “Ag Career Pictionary.”
  • Ag Interview – Students will gain a greater awareness of the role agriculture plays in the American economy, practice oral and written communication skills, and learn about numerous agricultural careers.

Links to More Career Resources

  • Ag Career Profiles – Each of these Career Profiles highlights a different profession within the agricultural industry. Learn about an individual working in each career and explore salary ranges, education/experience needed, employment outlook, and suggested high school courses. Potential employers and professional organizations are also listed.
  • Careers in Agriculture – over 40 engaging, one-to-three minute videos provide insight into a wide range of agricultural careers (YouTube link)
  • Agripedia: Careers in Agriculture – Interested in a particular career but not sure what it entails? Look here to find descriptions of some common agricultural jobs.
  • Living Science: Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Careers – Find your future in agriculture! This site contains detailed descriptions of 40 exciting careers, from Agricultural Economist to Wood Scientist.
  • Teen Scene – This interactive site explores agricultural science, issues, careers and ‘edutainment’ where students use their knowledge to succeed at online games.