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More Than a Seed

1st Grade: Ag in the Classroom (AITC) Presentation

First graders will explore what plants need to grow and make a connection between farm crops and everyday items. They will plant corn and soybean seeds and learn many uses of each.

Ag in the Classroom presentations are delivered by volunteers during the month of February. Find out more.

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Supplemental Resources


  • Vocabulary – key terms students may hear during the presentation
  • Illinois Learning Standards – how More Than a Seed meets the standards
  • Coming soon – how More Than a Seed meets Common Core State Standards

Background Information


  • My Growing Seeds booklet – students monitor their growing seeds then draw and describe their observations in a booklet
  • Get Growing – students write and color the natural resources plants need and identify the things people also need to grow

Resource Kits (available as supply kits from DeKalb County Farm Bureau)

  • Farm Charm Supplies – make charm necklaces that symbolize farm features
  • Beany Baby Supplies – grow live seed germination necklaces
  • Soil Sam Supplies – create creatures with live grass as hair

Related Lessons & Activities online

Books in your school library (titles that have been donated to school libraries in DeKalb County)

  • Corn by Margaret Hall
  • Corn by Elaine Landau
  • Corn Belt Harvest by Raymond Bial
  • From Kernel to Corncob by Ellen Weiss
  • The Super Soybean by Raymond Bial
  • Beans (Life Cycles) by Julie Murray

Books on loan (available on loan from DeKalb County Farm Bureau)

  • One Bean by Anne Rockwell
  • Oh Say Can You Seed (Dr. Seuss) by Bonnie Worth
  • Why the Brown Bean Was Blue by Susan M. Pankey