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Resources Overview

Agricultural Literacy Teaching Tools

Save time and energy with ready-to-go resources that will make learning relevant and
fun. Browse our Teacher Resource Guide for descriptions of dozens of kits and other
items available on loan to DeKalb County teachers.

Resource Kits

AgriLearning Kits (Grades PreK-3)

These thematic kits will help students understand agriculture in the world around them. Kits include books, lesson plans, posters, and more. Topics include: Apples, Dairy, Farming, Fiber, Pigs, Pizza, Pumpkins, Poultry, Seasons, and Wheat.

AgriScience Kits (Grade levels vary)

Students learn science through agriculture through the study of animals, energy, insects, and genetics. Each kit includes supplies needed to perform the activities. Topics include: Dairy, Genetics, Insects, Math in Agriculture, and Renewable Energy.

Literacy Kits (Grades K-5)

Literacy kits contain a wide variety of books, activities, and background information relating to their topic. Topics include: Apples, Candy & Chocolate, Corn, Cotton, Cranberries, Earthworms & Vermicomposting, Farm Machinery, Farming through the Ages, Food & Nutrition, Honeybees, Horses, Maple Syrup, Peanuts, Pre-2nd Grade Barn, Pumpkins, Rice, Seeds & Plants, Sheep, Soil, and Soybeans.

mAGic Kits (Grades 4-8)

Bring ag to life in your classroom with the Multidisciplinary AGricultural Integrated Curriculum (mAGic) kits. The kits address learning standards in Math, Science, English Language Arts, and Social Studies. Topics include: Dairy, Illinois, Insects, Machines, Plants, Soil.

Hands-on Activity Kits (Grades PreK-5)

Each of these kits includes instructions and supplies needed to conduct a popular hands-on, minds-on ag literacy activity. Whether you need beads and cord to make Water Cycle Bracelets or soybean seeds and watering crystals for Beanie Baby germination necklaces, everything you’ll need is in the kit. Kits include: Baseball & Ag Charms, Beanie Baby (seed germination) Necklaces, Circles of the Earth Bracelets, Farm Charms, I Spy Illinois Agriculture Charms, Illinois State Symbols Charms, Nutrition Bracelets, Safety Bracelets, Soil Sams/Wheatheads, Water Cycle Bracelets, and We All Need Soil bookmarks.

Other Kits (Grade levels vary)

Some of our kits don’t fit neatly into categories! They include: Careers in Horticulture, DeKalb County Agriculture, Fun with Food & Nutrition, Grain Matching Game, Investigating Grains, MyPlate Pocket Chart, and Renew-a-Bead.